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Whether weight loss, muscle building, condition improvement, fight/ avoidance of back pain, training after (sports) injuries or strengthening the trunk. With our variety of Gym80 Sygnum Dual - machines, these goals are quickly and effectively accessible for fitness beginners and recreational athletes, as well as for professional athletes.

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Strength, stamina, flexibility, speed, agility, cardio-respiratory strength, coordination and balance are strengthened by targeted functional training. In a unique environment, you have the opportunity to pursue your physical goals with a variety of exercises on our fully equipped wall rig under professional supervision.

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After an injury, surgery or illness, we offer you the opportunity to create an individual plan with our physiotherapist, with tasks, tips and tricks for you. Our task is to enlighten you and take uncertainties, so that you can have fun in sports and movement again. In a personal conversation, we clarify all questions and define your goals.

fitness equipment


We offer you a variety of Gym 80 Sygnum Dual & Hammer Strength devices, as well as a fully equipped wall rig. Every trial training and every training and nutrition plan is free for you.

fitness equipment


Challenge Your cardiovascular system with classic endurance sports, such as running or cycling, or with longer sessions on the elliptical, rowing machine and the StairMaster in our studio! To boost your fat burning even more, we offer great classes such as Zumba, running training or step aerobics.

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We offer you a varied course program consisting of TRX sling training, functional wall rig workout, zumba, fascia training, Pilates, prevention courses and much more. Each course is free of charge and suitable for beginners and professionals.



Experience the best feel-good ambience in our studio and make your stay here as pleasant as possible. With the help of our high-quality sunbed, you can show off your body not only with fitness, but also with a beautiful complexion.

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With our over-water massage from Wellsystem you will experience your stay in the gym as comfortable as never before. The soothing massage ensures complete relaxation after just 15 minutes of use and also has other strengthening health effects.



So simple and so delicious - we offer a wide range of different supplements that provide a lot of energy and satiety. But also water, coffee, shakes and drinks in different flavors are available to you.

fitness equipment


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